The practice of "laughter therapy" is growing in popularity. Over the last few decades studies on laughter have provided a greater understanding of the emotional and physical benefits of laughter therapy.

Rog Bates has developed a LAUGH TO MUSIC Therapy Program

for business, healthcare and spiritual groups to help them connect with the powerful gift of laughter.
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  Laughing helps relieve physical and
     emotional stress
  improve blood flow
  facilitates digestion
  boosts the immune system
  relax the muscles
  increase alertness and memory
  reduce pain
  lessen emotional stress
  lower blood pressure

A team of researchers led by Dr. Michael Miller at University of Maryland Center for Preventive Cardiology, did studies which proved a strong connection between laughter and cardiovascular health.
Immune response: Increases in stress can be associated with decrease in immune capability. The level of immune cells can be boosted through the use of humor.

Blood circulation was found to be better after watching comedy when compared to watching dramas.
Blood sugar levels: A study of diabetic patients looked at the effects of laughter on blood sugar levels. The group had lower blood sugar levels after watching the comedy than they did after attending the lecture.
Physical exercise: When we laugh the diaphragm contracts the abdominal muscles and even provides a workout for the heart.
Additionally, a good laugh will provide movement in the neck, shoulders and arms, thus relaxing those muscles.
Social interaction: Laughter is a universally understood language that connects people. This common connection with others can help reduce stress between individuals and ease stressful encounters within groups.
Weight loss: Individuals who are able to laugh regularly are less likely to suffer from the four major causes of overeating: stress, boredom and depression. A happier, outlook on life often brings about healthy dietary changes.

Because of the wide range effects of a good laugh, the importance of laughter and healing is quickly becoming readily embraced by the medical community with laughter therapy increasingly used for patients who are ill and those recovering from an injury or surgery. "When you are laughing, you discharge tension associated with four primary negative emotions—depression, anxiety, fear and anger," says Dr. William Fry, a behavioral scientist, psychiatrist and Emeritus Associate Clinical Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine of Stanford University. And, Dr. Lee Berk, a pioneer researcher studying positive emotions/behaviors and their biochemical/physiological effects on stress hormones and immune system components in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, says "Laughter can relax the muscles, increase alertness and memory, reduce pain, lessen emotional stress and lower blood pressure.

Laughter therapy with music to connect healthcare and spiritual groups with wonderful benefits of laughter for health and stress management. The gift of laughter reduces physical & emotional pain. keywor