by Ruth A. Hamilton, MA Ed.

The CHP course is designed to help you become proficient in finding your humor gifts, presenting to audiences, and gaining skills to prepare humor and educational material for various audiences. A humor resource kit is sent which contains 3 books, 2 videos, various humor activity sheets, humor props, Carolina Ha Ha resource materials. The lessons will be sent via e-mail every two weeks or as you complete the previous lesson. You can call for a coaching lessons about your completed lesson. Successful completion of this course enables you to become part of our referral system. The cost is $400 prepaid.

Lesson 1 - Develop your comic character and humor style. Take the "Humor Survey." Explore the humor techniques that help you observe and enjoy more humor in the community. Write a bibliography of humor materials. Write several humor sketches according to the supplied format.
Lesson 2 - Humor and the Arts. Learn the basics of storytelling, humor writing, and comedy improvisation.
Lesson 3 - Observe the humor greats and hone in on styles that you like. Explore how your humor mentors can help you develop a winning humor presentation.
Lesson 4 - "How to Be Funnier." Learn the basic types of humor and write a humor monologue.
Lesson 5 - Humoring almost everyone. Learn to use variety and customizing of humor for effective audience participation. involvement.
Lesson 6 - Humor for Medical Audiences. Explore the physical, social, and mental benefits of humor. See the Laugh Mobile program in action through video. Learn to design humor interventions. Be aware of the times that gentle humor is best and which humorous media is appropriate.

Final project: Plan a community project using humor that involves an audience, a lesson outline, goals, interaction, props, and evaluation. Present and film, then send back for review. Receive your Certified Humor Presenter Diploma! Find out about becoming part of the Carolina Ha Ha Speakers Bureau.

The course fee is $400.
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