Carolina Health and Humor Association 1986-2014
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Humor for Healthcare, Humor for Stress Relief in Business, Entertainment and Comedy Training

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While entertaining, Rog educates business and healthcare professionals about
the value of using humor and laughter in managing stress, communicating better and enjoying work more. Rog specializes in positive, uplifting comedy with a motivational message for conferences, seminars, meetings and banquets.
With a presentation that is relevant, uplifting and FUNNY, Rog will help you see the lighter side of life ~ providing great humor relief while demonstrating how to boost morale and manage stress using humor on the job!


Rog Bates is an award winning stand-up comedian, songwriter and humor consultant and author of the book “How To Be Funnier, Happier, Healthier & More Successful."

Rog Bates is Executive Director of Carolina Health & Humor Association devoted to promoting the therapeutic benefits of humor and laughter.