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Be A Stand-up Comedian...
Or Just Feel Like One!

"Comedy With Class"
with Rog Bates
call for info: 919-604-5488

For comedians, entertainers, teachers, speakers, accountants, extroverts, introverts . . . ANYONE! Come take your sense of humor to the next level while you meet new friends! This fun class will help you sharpen your comedy eye, delivery and creative skills for stage, business or home. Or simply to get more laughs out of life!

If you’re thinking Comedy With Class… that sounds top notch… highfalutin. Well, that’s absolutely WRONG. We don’t even know what highfalutin means. But it is a great class! It’s designed to fit anyone whether you want to be a comedian, or just a funnier speaker, actor, teacher or anything else. Make yourself and others laugh anytime and anyplace you choose!

You'll learn how to:

win over your audience
feel confident and fast on your feet
use humor appropriately in sensitive situations
use humor to manage stress
remember jokes
be creative and original
respond when no one laughs
switch a negative into a positive
write and edit effectively
develop your persona
use a microphone
look and feel comfortable on stage
have a great stage presence
handle hecklers
use professional techniques like savers, callbacks,
self-deprecation, reverse and lateralization.

And much more!
Plus you'll get inside pro tips on how to
get paid for your sense of humor
write and sell your jokes :
And much more!

This upcoming class will be filmed by RTN
(Raleigh Television Network)

Great Reviews: You've read about us in the News & Observer and Indy! ( Providence Journal says, "This is sure to be the most fun class you'll ever take and just maybe the most useful one." Your coach:
Experienced stand-up comedian, songwriter, and keynote speaker, Rog Bates toured comedy clubs for seven years and quit just beforehe became famous! Rog has fifteen years experience as keynote speaker for nurses, healthcare professionals and companies like IBM, American Express, and Glaxo.

Former comedy coach at Charlie Goodnights, Bates is author of the book
, "How To Be Funnier... Happier, Healthier & More Successful." Pasted GraphicRog is also Executive Director of Carolina Health & Humor, a non-profit promoting humor in business, health care, and the community. Rog believes in the fish philosophy …
Give a man a fish he eats for a day . . . Teach a man to fish and . . . That’s the end of his marriage!
Wait... how does that go?

Well, we mean the Seattle Fish Market “Fish Philosophy!”

Live outside the NC area?
No need to miss out on any of the fun.

Take “Comedy Without Class” online!

You can take ‘Comedy Without Class” . . . all online. And as a bonus you get one on one phone consultation with Rog as part of your class. Either way you will quickly and easily bolster your sense of humor for a lifetime of laughter.
Call 919-604-5488
or email Rog at