and that’s no joke!

Your staff will love Rog's positive, uplifting humor and hilarious songs about nurses, doctors, Prozac, Rogaine... and the surprise song he'll write just for you! They’ll benefit from his powerful stress relieving message and twenty years of experience helping nurses, nurse managers and health care groups of all types use humor as an important, highly effective work tool.

Executive Director Rog Bates, and all the Carolina Health and Humor speakers, understand the power of humor in helping health care professions face their pressures and challenges. Carolina Health and Humor has offered special programs using humor in health care for almost three decades. CaHaHa also started the "Laughmobile" program at more than a dozen hospitals nationwide, including Duke and UNC in North Carolina.

Rog will show your group how to use easy, safe, effective humor to:

  • manage time and stress
  • increase efficiency and reduce errors
  • boost morale and energy levels
  • improve communication and conflict resolution
  • heighten creativity
  • improve the quality of patient care
  • feel greater enjoyment and job satisfaction

Any Time ... Any Place ... Any Purpose
Rog will deliver after dinner laughs, or great humor relief during a seminar or training session. He can also give you an entertaining keynote or a longer education presentation on humor in health care, loaded with easy-to-use, proven techniques to help your team avoid burnout and work more effectively at peak levels. Rog delivers all this as quickly and skillfully as your favorite obstetrician... but with a lot less pain!

Partial List of Recent Clients for “Humor and Health” Presentation:

Karmanos Cancer Institute
American Medical Association Annual Banquet
World Burn Congress
Duke University
National Diabetes & Exercise Conference
Brody College of Medicine, UNC
Rex Hospital
UNC Hospital Nurse Managers
Winchester, VA Valley health Center Nurse Trainers
WI Society of Health Care Risk Managers
NC Society of Help for the Hard of Hearing
UNC, Wake Country and TLC Hospicecare
Danville, VA Community Health Services

And so many more . . .