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The Laugh Mobile is one of the outreach programs of Carolina Ha Ha. It is a rolling cart offering humorous books, tapes & props. The vision of the Laugh Mobile Program is to bring joy and humor, which supports healing, to people in medical institutions through outAmerica. Through this program, skilled volunteers visit patients with the Laugh Mobile and engage in “Humor Interventions”. Additionally, the Laugh Mobile offers a pleasant and lighthearted recreation resource, which assists with adjustment to hospitalization and quality of life.

Laugh Mobile, designed by Carolina HaHa's founder, Ruth Hamilton, (photo).

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Volunteers Vonnie Torbert and Martha Van Der Linden travel door to door on oncology units spreading fun and laughter to patients and their families and friends.

Carolina Ha Ha first started humor outreach in 1987 with a joint program with Duke Oncology Recreational Therapy called the Duke Humor Project.


Oncology Recreation Therapy
A Vital Component of Duke Center for Cancer Survivorship
Duke University Medical Center