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Humor Relief for Cancer Patients

Being diagnosed with cancer is disturbing, frightening, depressing and certainly
not funny. It’s not surprising that many cancer patients say they’ve lost their sense of
humor. Yet the wonderful benefits of laughter can bring great comfort in times of illness.

Did you know that deep laughter can help ease pain… sometimes for hours afterwards? Laughter helps us breath deeply which stimulates our inner organs and sends more oxygen to our brains. Laughter releases powerful chemicals that boost our mood and help us to relax and think more clearly. Hearty laughter also helps us to relieve stress so we can sleep more soundly …
once we stop laughing that is.

Cancer and Laughter...
How Humor Helps and Where to Find It!

If you are you a cancer patient who values humor we’d like to help. We can suggest
easy, effective ways for you to bring more humor into your life and enjoy the powerful
benefits of laughter.

Humor is vital to everyone’s well-being because it gives us a more positive perspective
and adds balance to our lives. The more stress we are under, the more important humor can be.

We have twenty-five years of experience!
The non-profit educational organization, Carolina Health & Humor, also known
as Carolina HaHa, has been dedicated to helping patients, families and healthcare
professionals benefit from positive, uplifting humor for over two decades!