Carolina Health and Humor Association since1986
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Speakers bureau, humor for healthcare, humor for stress relief in business, entertainment and comedy training

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        Carolina Haha's speakers specialize in:
   Health Care Humor
   Funny Keynotes and Motivational Talks
   Humor for Stress Management and Peak Performance
   Entertainment for Award Banquets, Conferences, etc.

CAROLINA HEALTH & HUMOR SPEAKER'S BUREAU speakers are America's premier experts at bridging the gap between health and humor.
We'll recharge your batteries with a session of great humor along with effective tips and pro techniques that will inspire and motivate you to use your sense of humor daily. And our reasonable rates will have you smiling right away! Contact

Here's a few of our popular speakers — each one engaging, entertaining and an expert in an area of work health, mental health or health care.

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       Rog Bates                  Ruth Hamilton           Jim Buie           Dr Alan Happ

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   Willa Brigham           Amy Hautman Bates           Martin Brossman