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Arts Can Heal
The Five Humor Keys to Happiness
Good News for Humor Deficiency
Humor and the Expressive Arts
Humor: The Nurse’s Prescription
Implementing the Laugh Mobile Program

Certified Humor Presenter Training

Ruth Hamilton, MA Ed., is a Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator, Technologies for Creating Counselor, international speaker on Humor, Health, the Arts for Healing and the Founder of Carolina Health & Humor Association (Carolina Ha Ha). Ruth demonstrates how to transform difficult situations with humor that heals. She shows you how to laugh for the health of it and will tickle your funny bone with her humor first aid kit, group games, and stress busters for all occasions. Ruth is the author of "Laugh Lines: A book of wise and witty sayings.”

The American Association of Business Woman: “You kept us laughing for an hour with your stories and humor exercises. You released our stress and you used humor we can all relate to. Thanks for making our membership meeting a huge success. We signed up 50 new members that night.”

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