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Put More Life in Your Laughter & More Laughter in Your Life
Laughing at the Pain in Your ...
The Power in a Smile
Seussology: The Wilt and Wisdom of Dr. Seuss
How to Start Your Own Laughter Club

Alan Happ Ph.D., a Certified Laughter Leader, uses laughter to inspire people to rediscover the stress reducing, creativity enhancing, and charisma building benefits of laughter. Alan’s training as a serious scientist for over 20 years in industry probably precludes trying to be a comedian. However, Alan is skilled at translating the science and rumor of laughter into user friendly giggles, guffaws, and cachinnations. Groups, small and large, laugh heartily during his presentations.

Alan builds on the work of Dr. Madan Kataria, the giggling guru and physician who started the laughter club movement in India; Dr. Steve Wilson, the Cheerman of the Bored for the World Laughter Tour; and Ruth Hamilton. As CLO (Chief Laughter Officer) of the Triangle Laughter Club, Alan leads meetings that help participants laughing for the health of it. He treasures the chance to read Dr. Seuss at the UNC Children’s Hospital. The Carolina Ha Ha Story Mobile lets him share his love of the wit and wisdom of Dr. Seuss with the patients, nurses, parents, and staff.

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